• 1. Swadeshi movement successfully mobilised the small and marginal peasantry.
    2. Swadeshi movement had a Gandhian character in it.
    Select the correct statements from the options given below:
  • 1. These are rutile based paints that act as catalyst in the presence of ultraviolet radiation.
    2. The paints are proved solution to reduce indoor and outdoor pollutants.
    3. The paints are effective to reduce methane and particulate matter.
    4. These paints have shown reduction of indoor pollution caused by bacteria.
    Select the correct statements/ statement from the options given below :
  • 1. Donations
    2. Remittance
    3. Interests on loans
    4. Grants
    Select the components considered as a part of current account.
  • 1)In concept of RULE OF LAW as proposed by A.V.DICEY, in ENGLISH context CONSTITUTION IS THE RESULT OF RIGHTS OF INDIVIDUALS rather than being the source of rights.
    2)In India RULE OF LAW indicates that source of rights of INDIVIDUALS is the constitution.
    3)Rule of law includes the idea of absence of Discretion. Choose the correct statement(s) from options given below:
  • 1. Inflation is always beneficial to Mutual funds.
    2. Stagflation is an exception to Phillip Curve.
    Select the correct statements/statement from the option given below :
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