• 1.Guru Shikhar peak : Aravalli Range
    2.Barak : Patkai Bum
    3.Nokrek Peak : Barail Range
    Which of the above pairs is/are correctly matched?
  • 1.It is to act as the balancing wheel of Indian fiscal federalism.
    2.It consists of a chairman and three other members.
    3.Qualifications of the members of the Commission are determined by the President.
    4.It is constituted under the provisions of Article 280.
  • 1.The script used in seals is Prakrit.
    2.The script was written from right to left.
    3.The seals were used as amulets for spiritual purposes.
  • 1.Expenditure categorized as ‘consumption’.
    2.Expenditure known as ‘investment’ and ‘capital creation’.
    3.Expenditure in ‘running the government’.
    4.Expenditure in forwarding ‘external grants’.
    Select the correct answer using the code given below:
  • 1.Trees are found in the warm and humid areas.
    2.The mean annual temperature is above 22degree Celsius.
    3.Annual rainfall is above 200cm.
    4.Rosewood, ebony and mahagony are important species found.
    Which of the following forests is best characterized by the features given above?
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